Technical Overview

SDC consists of a 350m2 bunker with two data halls, a plant room and a third party communications room. DH1 is a 130m2 hall and DH2 is a 150m2 hall boasting gaseous suppression & cold aisle containment. The data halls are separated from the plant room and third party room by a secure passageway. The plant room accommodates the main switchboard, surge and lightning protection, dual bus UPS and battery arrays and DC systems for SDC’s carrier clients. All walls are 190mm thick and are reinforced and core filled and the ceiling is a solid 190mm reinforced slab. The interior of the data hall and plant rooms are lined with 40mm metal clad cool-room panelling which not only provides efficiency in the maintenance of the right temperature and humidity but also provides an effective faraday shield again RFI and EMI.

Environmental control and redundancy has been engineered into the facility with a combination of the highest available quality surge protection systems, dual bus redundant uninterruptible power supplies, standby generators and precision process cooling systems. Our state of the art approach to building an Australian Standard facility for computer accommodation guarantees our ability to be on line and operating at optimum temperature and humidity 24 x 365.

Power fed to the data centre premises from the local utility provider has been upgraded with installation of a 500KVA packet sub-station built into the facility. The power fed from the packet sub is connected directly to our plant room where a highly sophisticated Interceptor surge protection system capable of 300,000 amps surge current capacity per phase ensures that destructive over voltage transients are diverted.

All Power being fed from the Interceptor to the switchboard is further protected from noise and lesser transients by the unique active tracking filter element of the Interceptor. Four 96% efficient 150KVA modular Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS’s) are configured as true dual bus 300KVA power supplies to the data halls. Each UPS also boasts redundant operation in order to supply the critical loads with clean uninterrupted power completely free of mains related fluctuations. The latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP)control technology ensures that no voltage or current distortion can interfere with the smooth operation of the sensitive load. Each UPS system is connected to a battery string comprising 100a/h front terminal 10 year design life sealed lead acid batteries to ensure reliability.

When designing the power reticulation for SDC we have allowed for the need to upgrade and maintain any of the critical components involved in the delivery of clean and uninterruptible power to our customer’s equipment. As a result maintenance and upgrades to our systems are able to be carried out safely and with absolutely no interruption to service.

State of the art redundant Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC’s) have been chosen to provide temperature and humidity control for SDC. The inverter units for the CRAC systems are housed in specially designed cyclone proof cages on the roof.

The entire SDC complex is backed up by dual redundant 500KVA generator systems that comes on line within seconds of any power failure via an ASCO ATS. SDC holds enough fuel on site for three days operation and, in the unlikely event of a protracted power outage, arrangements are in place to allow sufficient fuel stocks to be available on site to cover any extended time frame.

SDC is protected by VESDA systems in each data hall which monitor the facility 24/7.

All electrical and mechanical equipment involved in the provision of SDC’s carefully controlled environment including the VESDA system are monitored by a sophisticated site monitoring system that raises local alarms and sends SMS messages to SDC support personnel in the event of any alarms being triggered. This ensures extremely fast response times to any issues that may arise with plant and equipment.

In a world where reliance on sensitive information and communications technology equipment is at an full-time high – SDC can help eliminate the cost of downtime by the creation of this truly reliable “high nines” facility (99.999% uptime).