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What we Offer

The Secure Data Centre (SDC) offers a unique suite of services, supported by state of the art physical and virtual infrastructure, to give business peace of mind with information security and online presence. SDC is the only commercially available stand-alone Tier 3 data warehousing facility in the Northern Territory.  SDC is situated within Darwin's central business district.


SDC commenced trading in 2004 and is a 100% locally owned business. SDC presents a cost effective opportunity for businesses to protect themselves from the unpredictability and problems normally associated with running sophisticated computer and communication systems by providing access to a world class data warehousing capability.

In an environment where sensitive electronics equipment can be exposed to the catastrophic effects of lightning activity, power fluctuations and outages as well as extreme levels of temperature and humidity, the overheads that come with the provision of comprehensive protection and security of valuable data can be prohibitive to businesses despite being an important part of risk management procedures.

If your business is increasingly reliant on systems that require 24/7 reliability and you cannot afford to be exposed to rising security risks then SDC can help you avert potential tragedy.

SDC provides hardware and data security services for a range of local, national or global organizations. SDC can offer tailored solutions to suit most customers including information and communications technology businesses, government departments, small to medium enterprises and even individuals with a need for reliable and affordable disaster recovery options.

SDC has the capacity to deliver scalable and flexible infrastructure solutions for the hosting of critical applications for any client, no matter how large or small their needs may be. SDC has been Designed and built to the Australian Standard for Class One secure computer accommodation (AS2835-1995) and has been awarded Tier 3 accreditation from Hewlett Packard Australia.


Our Data Centre boasts multiple layers of redundancy with our power and the precision air systems. Smoke and fire detection, temperature and humidity monitoring and feedback from all critical components such as UPS systems, process coolers, battery banks and the generator system are monitored via a building management system that displays real time data within the premises and also communicates with key support personnel to ensure that notification of any event on the premises is instantaneous.  All plant and equipment is regularly maintained and monitored to ensure that the highest levels of uptime are achieved.
Unparalleled physical and virtual security is achieved with the "bunker within a bunker" concept. The Secure Data Centre premises are coded to withstand severe cyclonic influences and the Data Centre itself is housed within this building. SDC comprises a carefully designed and constructed 350 square metre fireproof bunker with 190mm reinforced concrete walls, floor and ceiling.

All visitors to the data centre must be signed in and inducted. Access to the two data halls is available via a bio-metric fingerprint reader and is granted only to individuals who have been through security checks (driver's license, contact information & current police checks)and with written authorization from the licensee.  All access to the premises is recorded via our Rapid Access visitor monitoring system and all movements are monitored by multiple camera surveillance.

Access to the plant room or communications third party room is strictly prohibited without prior approval from SDC management.  Entry to these areas will only be granted for installation of new services, upgrade of existing services or planned upgrades to hardware and software.  If necessary, an SDC staff member will accompany contractors and monitor proceedings. 

24 hour support staff involved with communications equipment deployed at the facility will be issued with security codes to enable access to the SDC premises after hours. Access will only be granted as far as the third party communications room unless prior arrangements have been made with SDC and the Licencee.  Additional unauthorized contracting support staff will only be allowed access if they are to be accompanied by an authorized SDC pass holder.

In the event of hardware failure in the data hall where no customer support staff members have been granted access to the SDC premises, an SDC representative will be contactable to provide an escort and supervised access to the data hall.

State of the art technologies have been deployed to provide an extremely high level of physical security within the Data Centre and all doors have smart card readers.  Access to the highest security area (the main data halls)is by Bio-Metric Reader and smart card control of anti-pass-back, anti-tailgate and interlocked doors.

A run up area is also available within the building for customers who need to perform on site  software changes or remote upgrades or modifications to their servers to avoid having to spend extended periods in the data hall. Access to this area is by request.

SDC is a carrier neutral facility which allows the customer to choose the communications option that best suits them.  This involves clients dealing directly with the service providers and carriers.

SDC does not offer managed services or engineering support for client's ICT equipment but we are able to provide basic administrative and housekeeping support for our clients such as power resets or basic patching by prior arrangement.

SDC has a resident IT company that operates from the premises and they are able to provide advanced level of engineering support for our valued clients if required.

SDC also offers a number of ancillary services such as tape management and tape storage.

SDC is dedicated to providing the perfect secure environment for customers to deploy their enterprise servers, disaster recovery systems and web hosting applications without having to worry about power or environmental issues.  our facility supports both dedicated hosting and co-location hosting.