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What is the lead time for initial set up?
Once a licence is signed indicating that we are to proceed, we are usually able to set the infrastructure up within 7 days unless there are delivery issues with required infrastructure such as racks, PDU’s etc

What Tier rating is the SDC?
SDC is a Tier 3 rated Data Centre

Can we have cross connections in the data hall?
No – SDC do not allow cross connections within the data hall – all hand offs are done in the third party room

Is there a one off cost for cross connects or a monthly fee?
SDC charges a one off cost only

Does SDC have a standard for the power plugs and sockets?
Yes – we use the Australian standard Clipsal screw lock series and as such would need to change the plugs on any PDU’s that do not have the right terminations

Does SDC provide for three phase power?
Yes - 3 phase power is available in 20 amp and 32 amp ratings

Does SDC sell carrier services? If not, what carriers terminate in the SDC?
No - SDC is carrier neutral and a list of carriers operating from the facility is provided during the customer negotiation phase.

Does SDC allow customer owned racks to be deployed?
Yes - but this is done by negotiation to ensure the racks are suitable for the facility.