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Dedicated Hosting

  • This service involves the provision of a dedicated and secure environmentally controlled area within our data centre for the housing of complete 42RU computer cabinets or racks.

    This service is available as a full rack (42RU) or half rack (21RU) option with a choice of single or dual feed 15amp, 20amp or 32amp single phase and 20amp or 32amp three phase power distribution units (PDU's) with either IEC or Australian 3 pin outlets.

    The dedicated hosting option is ideal for both and local customers who prefer direct access to their equipment with their own 24/7 swipe-card and remote customers with authorized local service providers or remote management capability.

    Other security options with the dedicated hosting service are available on request. These options include permanent camera surveillance of the equipment racks and the provision of floor to ceiling lockable cages around singular or multiple cabinets.


Dedicated Hosting

Complete cabinet(42RU)
  • dual 15 amp single phase power feeds
  • dual 20 amp single phase power feeds
  • dual 32 amp single phase power feeds
  • dual 20 amp three phase power feeds
  • dual 32 amp three phase power feeds
Cabinet can be customers own or SDC supplied. Power is fed via vertical or horizontal power rails with 6,8,10,12,18 or 20 outlets.
Half cabinet(21RU)
  • as above

SDC supplied cabinet with 6 or 10 outlet horizontal power rail option or vertical power rail with 8 outlets.