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Secure Data Centre is currently operating in normal mode with utility power available and all systems OK.

Data Centre Services

SDC provides dedicated or co-location hosting of critical applications for local, national and global clients. We provide scalable and flexible data and hardware security solutions combined with comprehensive physical and virtual security using state of the art technologies.

We also provide tape management options for Data Centre clients as well as offering secure off site tape storage and management facilities for non Data Centre clients.

Technical Overview

SDC is a true Tier 3 environment built to the AS2834-1995 standard and provides multiple layers of security and redundancy for all critical systems. 

Dual bus UPS systems provide clean uninterrupted power to the facility. Coupled with our purpose built back up generator and redundant precision air systems, SDC provides the perfect operating environment for any critical load.


Final pricing is completely dependant on the customers' requirements and can only be accurately ascertained once details of the actual services required are known.

Please contact us for pricing or further information regarding your particular needs.